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What are Radiopharmaceuticals?

Theranostic drugs known as radiopharmaceuticals are component drugs that consist of a radioactive medical isotope bound to a targeting agent such as a small molecule or antibody. They have shown ground breaking results in patients with tumors that can’t easily be treated by radiotherapy or surgery. However, it has been a challenge to make radiopharmaceuticals widely available to the Oncology community to properly diagnose and treat their patients.

A New Production Method to Meet Demand

The large quantities of medical isotopes needed in nuclear medicine have typically been produced centrally via a nuclear reactor or supplied locally through the use of a generator that can be used as needed by a radiopharmacy or hospital. Smaller quantities of these isotopes have been produced on compact particle accelerators called cyclotrons, which historically have not been viewed as an efficient way to produce products like Gallium-68 and Zirconium-89 in both quantity and quality.

Preventing Another Isotope Supply Chain Break Down

Unfortunately, the supply chain for these isotopes has seen significant interruptions and shortages while demand has drastically increased. This has been highlighted specifically for newer agents such as Gallium-68, which is a key isotope for theranostics.

The cost of these isotopes has also risen steadily over the years. The list of preclinical, clinical and approved agents utilizing these isotopes is growing rapidly and current methods of supplying the active radioisotope ingredients are not viable to meet future demand.

Gain Control of Your Isotope Supply

ARTMS’ solid target technology utilizes patent-pending processes and materials to vastly expand the production capabilities of cyclotrons. In many cases, this allows for isotope output that far exceeds anything available in the market today. ARTMS’ proprietary QUANTM Irradiation System (QIS™) can be easily installed on most new or currently operating cyclotrons, of which there are nearly 1000 worldwide.


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Quantity and Quality Optimized

By utilizing highly enriched metal targets, ARTMS has set a world record of Gallium-68 production, along with substantial volumes of Copper-64 and Zirconium -89 without significant long term waste, which represents a logarithmic advance in radiopharmaceutical production and a change in the practice of nuclear medicine with minimal environmental impact.

Value Through Efficiency

One would think that with what ARTMS provides, there must be significant cost increase. This is not the case, in fact, as our partners increase their radiopharmaceutical production volume, the cost per dose of the isotopes decreases substantially. This will ensure access and bring sustainability to new PET diagnostic products.

Implementation With Little Interruption

ARTMS technology is compatible with most OEM cyclotrons, both new and existing systems. ARTMS technology is compatible with several OEM synthesizers as a part of the dissolution and purification process. ARTMS will install the QIS™ typically in 5 days or less, with minimal to no interruption to your current cyclotron operations.