Exponential Increase with the QIS™ Ecosystem

The Ga-68 QIS™ platform provides up to 5,000 mCi of Ga-68 per two hour cyclotron irradiation which can then be used to prepare commercially available PET cold kits. This production volume is exponentially greater than a generator elution, allowing for maximized efficiency of PET cold kits, streamlined production, QC and shipping.

A Demand for Enhanced Gallium-68 Production

The market needs ARTMS’ Ga-68 platform, as 50 mCi or 100 mCi Germanium generators produce a maximum output of ~40 mCi and 80 mCi Ga-68 respectively. At best, this provides for 1-3 doses per elution. This solution is not adequate given the projected increases in Ga-68 demand. ARTMS brings us closer to Ga-68 doses on demand, like other radiopharmaceuticals.

Technical Specifications:

  • ARTMS supplies a single use, Zinc-68 target with either Silver or Aluminum backing.
  • At optimal irradiation energy of 12.7 MeV, a 1 hour irradiation will yield up to 5000 mCi of Gallium-68 at the end of bombardment of the solid target; the typical cyclotron irradiation time is 2 hours.
  • Conversion of the solid target to a usable solution involves dissolving the metal and purifying, a process that takes approximately 40 minutes.

Gallium-68 (Ga-68) is a radioisotope used for PET imaging. It has application across an array of clinical imaging, such as neuroendocrine tumors and more recently, prostate cancer. Gallium-68 may be produced on a medical cyclotron utilizing ARTMS’ proprietary QIS™ platform.

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