Expand Your Production with QIS™ Technology

The Cu-64 QIS™ platform provides high purity metal targets that are capable of producing high volumes of isotope on new or already installed cyclotrons. ARTMS technology revitalizes the investment in a low energy cyclotron through versatility of high value Isotope production.

Increased Copper-64 Output, Access and Control

Cu-64 is currently produced on high energy cyclotrons which are operated by centralized production groups. As more commercial Cu-64 products are developed, the need for high volume production will Increase. ARTMS solves this need with low energy, high volume Cu-64 production that can then be used to label PET cold kits.

Technical Specifications:

  • ARTMS supplies a Nickel-64 target with a Rhodium backing and an electroplating cell and process.
  • At optimal irradiation energy of <13 MeV, a 1 hour irradiation will yield over 200 mCi.
  • Dissolution and purification process takes 3 hours.
  • ARTMS possesses all of the technologies, products, and processes, along with a regulatory approval strategy, to enable the high quality and high activity cyclotron production of critical radiopharmaceuticals.

Copper-64 (Cu-64) is medium half-life isotope with a number of oncology applications. Cu-64 labelled products are already commercial available through centralized producers and there are a number of investigational drugs under development globally.

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