QUANTM Irradiation System™

The Future of Medical Isotope Production

The QUANTM Irradiation System (QIS™) enables decentralized production of purified radiopharmaceuticals. Consisting of an automatic 2-way pneumatic transfer, compact solid target station, and complete solid target processing solutions, the QIS® expands your research, production, and distribution capabilities.

ARTMS technology is compatible with most OEM cyclotrons, both new and existing systems.

ARTMS technology is compatible with several OEM synthesizers as a part of the dissolution and purification process.

ARTMS will install the QIS™ with minimal to no interruption to your current cyclotron operations in 5 days or less.

Decentralized Isotope Production With Little Interruption

The QIS™ includes a pneumatic transfer system, remote handling, automated dissolution and purification of solid target. The minimal amount of waste and radiochemical by-products allows for large scale production with little to no disposal issue or environmental impact. ARTMS will help maximize your cyclotron investment.

Large Scale Isotope Production Without Compromise

There is little to no long lived waste produced during the irradiation and dissolution process for ARTMS’ technology. Meaning no long lived isotopes that require lengthy decay and disposal procedures. This allows for large scale, sustainable isotope production.

Certifications and Regulatory Approvals

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