Boundless Capability with QIS™ Integration

The Zr-89 QIS™ ecosystem empowers the site to produce substantial quantities of high quality Zr-89 on a single use solid target, eliminating the need to secure high cost Zr-89 from a central production site. This capability will not only prevent shortages, but provide a differentiator over your competition.

High Volume, Decentralized Zirconium-89 Production

Zr-89 is supplied on a per mCi basis from central production sites across the globe. The current supply is relatively stable, but as demand grows and commercial Zr-89 products become available, the supply chain will struggle to keep up with demand. The QIS™ allows for the cyclotron operator to produce volumes that exceed what central production sites are capable of and at significantly lower cost per mCi.

Technical Specifications:

  • ARTMS supplies a single use, Yttrium-89 target with either a Tantalum or Niobium backing.
  • At optimal irradiation energy of 13 MeV, a 1 hour irradiation will yield over 50 mCi per hour; irradiations can be in excess of 8 hours, if needed.
  • Dissolution and purification process takes roughly 40 minutes.
  • ARTMS possesses all of the technologies, products, and processes, along with a regulatory approval strategy.

Zirconium-89 (Zr-89) is a medium half-life medical isotope that has a number of Oncology applications, including Immuno-PET Imaging. Zr-89 is among the most researched medical isotopes In the world and its capabilities continue to grow.

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