Our Vision is to lead the enhancement of human health through medical isotope innovation by creating the tools, technologies and products that solidify medical isotope supply and empower the Nuclear Medicine community




Solving a Problem

ARTMS’ technology was founded by a group of TRIUMF scientists, including ARTMS’ current Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Paul Schaffer in 2013 to tackle projected Technetium-99m shortages after the decommissioning of the reactor at Chalk River. Once the goal of cyclotron produced Technetium-99m was achieved, ARTMS continued to innovate by developing new solid targets, streamlined processes and standard purification protocols. Eventually ARTMS Inc. was formed and has been operating as a stand-alone entity since 2016.

Expanding Partnerships & Regulatory Approval

ARTMS has since secured several rounds of funding and expanded from Technetium production to PET isotopes like Gallium-68. The latest round of funding in May 2020 has allowed ARTMS to focus on partners that need to produce large volumes of PET isotopes like Gallium-68 and Zirconium-89 used in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for Molecular Imaging studies, along with securing the proper regulatory approvals for this type of production and usage.

Revolutionizing Nuclear Medicine

ARTMS has forever changed the way isotopes are supplied to clinicians and patients. ARTMS’ continued innovation and partnership will help ensure that tens of thousands of patients will receive the appropriate diagnostic scan at the proper time.

The ARTMS Leadership Team

Doug Gentilcore

(Chief Executive Officer)

Dr. Paul Schaffer

(Chief Technical Officer)

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