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ARTMS/Odense University Hospital to Present Solid Target Gallium-68 Production Record at European Association of Nuclear Medicine

Found and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Paul Schaffer, of ARTMS Products Inc.,

Vancouver, British Columbia – October 10, 2019 – Utilizing the ARTMS QUANTM Irradiation System (QISTM) and collaborating with scientists and clinical researchers from the Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the University of Southern Denmark, ARTMS Products Inc, has demonstrated record gallium-68 (68Ga) production levels from a single, short-duration irradiation of QUANTM 68Zn Target Plates.

Dr. Paul Schaffer, founder and CTO of ARTMS will present “Multi-Curie Production of Gallium-68 on a Biomedical Cyclotron” during the 305 – M2M – Radionuclide Production session at the upcoming European Association of Nuclear Medicine conference being held October 12-16 at the CCIB – Centre de Convencions International de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

Date & Time: Sunday, October 13, 2019: 11:30-12:45
Location: Lecture Hall 111

“ARTMS’ award-winning technology continues to revolutionize the nuclear medicine industry by enabling global access to cyclotron-produced medical isotopes”, said Dr. Schaffer. “I am excited to present these new data produced on the ARTMS QISTM hardware and target plate system.”

“Multi-curie production levels of 68Ga, a much sought after and valuable isotope for medical imaging in prostate and neuroendocrine tumours, is an incredibly important development in nuclear medicine”, noted Assoc. Prof. Helge Thisgaard, OUH and University of Southern Denmark.

“We are incredibly pleased to demonstrate the 68Ga production record using our QISTM technology, hardware and target plate system”, remarked Charles S. Conroy, CEO of ARTMS. “Having already proven the concept and clinical application for routine and high-yield production of 99mTc, ARTMS continues to drive global commercialization and adoption of utilizing the QISTM for production of 68Ga, 89Zr and 64Cu. This is another success reinforcing ARTMS as the global leader in the innovation and commercialization of novel technologies that enable cyclotron production of the world’s most needed medical radioisotopes”.

In addition to the presentation, ARTMS will be hosting an exhibitor booth (#78) at the conference. Attendees are invited to meet with ARTMS representatives during exhibit hours.  

For further information or to schedule a meeting, please contact:

Phone:  604-228-4016

About Department of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Department of Nuclear Medicine is an interdisciplinary clinical department without beds. The department comprises three units: Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine, and the PET and Cyclotron Unit, and it primarily serves within four main areas: routine examinations and therapy, education, research & development.

Activities include functional tests and molecular imaging of most tissues and organs as part of diagnosis, choice and control of treatment, and prognosis assessment in a variety of diseases. The staff comprises approximately 85 employees and the department is equipped with 4 gamma cameras, 4 SPECT/CT scanners, 5 PET/CT and 1 PET/MR scanners as well as two cyclotrons and radiochemical laboratories for routine production and development of a variety of PET tracers. The department receives patients from hospitals and general practitioners on the island of Funen and surrounding minor islands, as well as in the Region of Southern Denmark (1.2 million inhabitants).


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, ARTMS Products Inc. is a leader in the development of novel technologies and products which enable the production of the world’s most-used diagnostic imaging isotope, technetium‐99m (Tc‐99m), using local, hospital-based medical cyclotrons. In addition to Tc-99m, ARTMS has developed advanced solutions for the supply of gallium-68 (Ga-68), zirconium-89 (Zr-89) and copper-64 (Cu-64). ARTMS holds the exclusive global commercialization rights to award-winning and proprietary Canadian inventions which address these challenges, and which offer the prospect of revolutionizing the nuclear medicine industry.

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